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Realsuite(SM) Connect(SM)

To help you stay ahead of the competition, the RealsuiteSM ConnectSM solution sends personalized text and email responses to new leads in minutes. You’ll be immediately notified, and if you don’t manage to connect with a new lead, RealsuiteSM sends follow-ups for you.

Your new leads may be months away from buying or selling, but they likely have many questions such as: “what’s the market like? What are similar homes selling for? Is now a good time to buy or sell?” Build trust and keep your prospects and clients engaged with valuable real-time Market Insights reports powered by MLS data*, and easily see which reports are opened, clicked or modified for more meaningful follow-up.

The RealsuiteSM dashboard consolidates your existing contacts plus online leads from over 150 sources and provides you with suggested follow-ups to help you turn more opportunities into clients. Plus you get insights into leads’ social media profiles and® search history, to help you make personal connections.**

You can text, call and email right from the RealsuiteSM dashboard, and keep track of communications and interactions with each contact in a simple timeline. Add notes and send follow-up tasks to your calendar so you’re always on top of personal details and those important next steps.

Our Customer Care team is here to assist you along the way with live webinars, 1:1 dedicated coaching, and support available by phone six days a week, and email seven days a week.

*Market Insights reports are subject to availability, and only created when scheduled.

**Search activity on® and social media profiles are included when available.

Product images are representative of site and mobile applications as of publication date. Site and mobile applications subject to change without notice.

Frank Gamez

“Follow-up is everything. Realsuite is helping me engage with more online leads because of the automatic follow-up that extends beyond just the initial response. Persistence pays off in real estate.”

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